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Our Philosophy

We place great emphasis on ensuring that our clients receive practical hands-on and cost-effective advice communicated to them in a meaningful way without the legalese. It is our goal to ensure they know their rights and obligations, and we will walk them through whatever particular employment challenge they may face.

Employment Law and Wrongful Dismissal


We advise employers with respect to issues arising in the workplace including regulations under the Employment Standards Act, workplace safety and dismissal. We are also involved on behalf of employers in preparing employment contracts, non-competition and non-solicitation contracts and termination packages.


On behalf of the employee, we are principally involved in advising employees with respect to termination, wrongful dismissal, and breach of fiduciary duty. We attempt to assist employees by advising their rights and obligations, and negotiating and review of severance packages. We also advise and assist employees in negotiating employment contracts with prospective employers.

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