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Our Philosophy

As stated elsewhere in this site, our approach is solution oriented. We attempt to represent our clients, whether it be before a municipal or township council, or before the Ontario Municipal Board, in a manner calculated, where at all possible, to be straightforward and non-confrontarional. In our experience, this approach when combined with total preparation often secures the desired results at a fraction of the cost of a more aggressive or confrontarional, litigious approach.

Land Development and Rezoning

From our offices in London Ontario we represent property owners, landlords, builders and land developers in connection with their rezoning and land development needs.

Some of the specific items we deal with:

  • Minor variances;
  • rezoning;
  • Official Plan amendments;
  • subdivision and development agreements;
  • encroachment agreements, easements and rights of way;
  • condominium plans;
  • first registrations in Land Titles.

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